• Navigating New Realms: Transitioning to Ethical Polyamory

    Ready to explore love’s boundless landscapes? Learn how to navigate the thrilling transition from monogamy to ethical polyamory with grace and curiosity.

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  • Explorers on a cliff at sunrise overlooking a majestic valley.

    The Vast Horizons of Non-Monogamy: Expanding the Expedition

    Ready to broaden your horizons? Discover the liberating, expansive world of non-monogamy and how it unfolds new maps of love and connection.

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  • Cozy campsite with tent and fire at twilight, symbolizing monogamy

    Monogamy: The First Camp on Our Relationship Expedition

    Monogamy isn’t the end of the road; it’s the starting point of a grand adventure into the realms of love and connection. Discover how it fits into the journey toward ethical polyamory.

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  • Escalator ending amidst lush trails leading into a mystical sunset forest.

    Embarking on an Adventure: Beyond the Relationship Escalator

    Ready for a relationship revolution? Dive into the adventure of ethical polyamory and discover a world beyond the traditional escalator model.

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  • A graphic illustration of a figure walking a tightrope above a vibrant, stylized landscape at sunset, holding a heart in one hand and a compass in the other, symbolizing the balance of emotional autonomy and the journey of navigating personal feeling

    Embrace Your Emotional Autonomy: How to Navigate Emotional Regulation and Self-Support in Relationships

    In the realm of relationships, mastering emotional regulation and self-support isn’t just beneficial—it’s essential for nurturing healthy, satisfying connections with both others and yourself. As someone deeply committed to understanding and managing your emotional landscape, you’ve likely recognized the transformative impact of emotional autonomy. Through personal exploration and expert insights, you’ve discovered ways to handle…

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  • Set your environment up to have good sleep

    What are some ways you create a healthy routine for good sleep?

    I try to stay off of my phone before I am trying to go to sleep because otherwise I will be on my phone for hours and then realize that it is going to affect how I feel in the morning. I am mindful of how my thoughts might feel like they need to keep…

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  • Mountain or Beach? Where would you vacation?

    Mountain or the beach? Where would you vacay?

    I love the beach and mountains, but I would prefer to be at the beach because it calms my mind and gives me the space to relax in warm weather. ~ Michael Oberle, NCC, LMHCA Mountain or beach? Why not both? When being in the mountains, I’ve felt wonder of how these massive, breathtaking vistas…

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  • Embracing Emotional Abundance in Relationships

    Navigating emotions within relationships can often feel like finding your way through a complex maze without guidance. As a therapist, trauma survivor, and polyamory advocate, I’ve come to understand the critical importance of not merely managing but fully embracing our emotional landscapes. Our emotions, with their vast and varied depths, present an unparalleled opportunity for…

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  • A peaceful group in a park at sunset, holding signs of unity, with a globe center, in a vibrant election color scheme.

    Since it’s an election year, what is one strategy you suggest people try to stay grounded during this time?

    Be aware of how you set the tone for each day. When we start our day watching/listening to the news we can set a precedent for the day that is rooted in fear or anxiety. Be informed on what is going on, but limiting the amount of time and focus dedicated to what exactly we…

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