Since it’s an election year, what is one strategy you suggest people try to stay grounded during this time?

Be aware of how you set the tone for each day. When we start our day watching/listening to the news we can set a precedent for the day that is rooted in fear or anxiety. Be informed on what is going on, but limiting the amount of time and focus dedicated to what exactly we are taking in on a daily basis.

~ Michael Oberle, NCC, LMHCA

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Tuning in to one’s thoughts regarding the news or election – and trying to identify how/if the intrusive thoughts are contributing to discomfort. Basically, identifying how much the media is intruding on one’s daily living – while simultaneously staying informed. It’s tough to do!

~ Spenser Kash, LMHCA, NCC, LPCC

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Turn on loud music, shake-it-out, and dance. Make sure you include head banging! Suggested songs: ~Bring The Boom by Carry the Thrown ~Seize the Power by YONAKA ~Bite Me by Avril

~ Ashley Robertson

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Figure out a way to filter the news! Decide what your key issues are and forget about the rest.

~ Kathy Slaughter, LCSW

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Stay mindful of how much media you are consuming and how it makes you feel whether this be the news or connections on social sites, political emotional triggers come from many places.

~ K. Hilary Curtis-Long, LCSW

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