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It’s time to start figuring sh*t out

Our team works with sex, relationships, anxiety and depression, trauma, transitioning, and polyamory offering 1:1 Psychotherapy or Coaching sessions In-Person or virtual for clients anywhere in Indiana.




One-on-One Therapy Services

Soaring Heart is a compassion engine that co-creates a richer and more rewarding life by offering
skilled 1:1 therapy, deeply personal encounters with oneself and others through group programs, and the most current knowledge, integrated with our lived experience, and supported by the passionate hearts of our counselors and therapists.

We offer support to individuals who are questioning their sexuality, gender, or sexual orientation (kink, trans, queer, CNM), struggling with past trauma, difficulty managing energy and making decisions, care deeply about consent and justice, as well as using plant medicines and spiritual practices to support personal development.

We Offer Coaching Too!

Our coach, Ashley, offers peer-to-peer education rooted in sex-positivity and education! Ashley specializes in peer-to-peer coaching in the realms of sex-positive parenting, navigating divorce, and ethical non-monogamy.

If any of this resonates with you, click the button below to take a look at Ashley’s bio and to schedule with her!

Availability & Appointment Options

We offer in-person and virtual sessions for individuals, couples, and any group that meets your definition of the word “family.” Our team members each create their own schedules to build integrity and collaboration with you throughout every step of your healing.

Part of the Community We Serve

Our team works to heal wounds many of us have experienced ourselves. We are here to help meet the complex needs of the thoughtful, passionate communities in which we live, work, and deeply love. Our counselors, coaches, educators, and staff proudly represent many intersections of our community and honor their magnificent expressions.

We Celebrate Diversity

We welcome the diversity of humanity in all forms — relationship styles, romantic and sexual expression, gender, neurology, race, ethnicity, ability, age — you name it. We get it because we’re living it ourselves.

Frequently Asked Questions

For a 50-minute session, the fee is $125. Payment is expected at the time of each session. Sliding scale is available

Soaring Heart Center currently accepts Anthem and Medicare health insurance plans.

Yes, Soaring Heart Center offers virtual sessions. In some cases, e-mail or text communication may be available. All information shared is strictly confidential.

The first session is about determining if there is a good fit between the client and the provider. During this session, the provider will ask about the client’s reasons for seeking therapy, go over office policies and procedures, discuss the provider’s therapeutic approach, and address the client’s needs and expectations.

The office is located on the first floor. Clients should come directly into the suite from the front stoop and have a seat. The provider will come out to bring the client back at the scheduled appointment time. Restrooms are available down the hall from the waiting room. If a client is waiting for more than ten minutes after the appointment time, they can text the provider to let them know.

After an appointment is confirmed, clients will receive an email from Therapy Notes, the cloud-based health record service. The email will contain a link to the portal and a temporary password. Clients should complete their initial paperwork before the first session through that portal.

We use Google Meet for our virtual sessions. Clients should ensure they are in a secure and private location with working audio and video. An email with a link to a private telehealth video call will be sent to the provided email address. If a client does not hear from the provider after five to ten minutes, they can text or email to follow up.

Soaring Heart Center may provide court appearances, but it cannot always be guaranteed. Additional services, including court-related services, will be billed separately based on the counselor’s regular service fee.

The name “Soaring Heart Center” originated from a beautiful art piece depicting the sacred heart with wings, brought back from Mexico. Over time, it came to symbolize the capacity for personal growth and inner courage.

Soaring Heart Center can provide support and guidance, but the client plays an active role in their own personal growth and problem-solving.

The duration of therapy varies for each individual. Soaring Heart Center takes a patient and focused approach to meet the client’s needs in an ethical and productive manner.