The Practices and Principles of Ethical Polyamory Virtual Conference

Available now! This prerecorded, virtual conference is a veritable treasure chest of thoughtfully-crafted interviews excavating deep and juicy topics found throughout the ethical polyamory universe. Dive in and enjoy the adventure! 

The Anxious Person's Guide to Non-Monogamy

Our own Kathy G. Slaughter wrote the forward to Lola Pheonix's new release about the daunting experience of embarking on a non-monogamous relationship. They both know how this process opens old wounds that cause anxiety, fear and confusion.

In this all-you-need-to-know guide, Lola draws upon their years of experience to provide guidance for every stage of your journey, helping you to prioritize your mental health and well-being along the way.

Image by Cytonn Photography

WPATH Letters Available

Need to get a letter? We've got you covered.


Is Soaring Heart a Good Fit For You?

Availability and Appointment Options

We offer in-person and telehealth sessions for individuals, couples, and any group that meets your definition of the word "family." Our team members each create their own schedules to build integrity and collaboration with you throughout every step of your healing.

We Take Insurance

To help make our services more accessible, we accept Anthem BCBS and Medicare, two of the most widely utilized insurance providers. It's important to us to reduce any barriers we can between you and receiving the support you need.

Part of the Community We Serve

Our team works to heal wounds many of us have experienced ourselves. We are here to help meet the complex needs of the thoughtful, passionate communities in which we live, work, and deeply love. Our counselors, coaches, educators, and staff proudly represent many intersections of our community and honor their magnificent expressions.

We Celebrate Diversity And We're Diverse Too

We welcome the diversity of humanity in all forms — relationship styles, romantic and sexual expression, gender, neurology, race, ethnicity, ability, age — you name it. We get it because we're living it ourselves.