What are some ways you create a healthy routine for good sleep?

I try to stay off of my phone before I am trying to go to sleep because otherwise I will be on my phone for hours and then realize that it is going to affect how I feel in the morning. I am mindful of how my thoughts might feel like they need to keep processing, so if there is something that needs immediate processing then I will do that then, otherwise, I tell myself that I can wait until tomorrow to process that information.

~ Michael Oberle, NCC, LMHCA

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Part of my routine for sleep hygiene involves making sure everything that I need to have done for the day is completed – and maybe even some prep work for the next day to make it easier in the morning (like filling up the kettle the night before).

~ Spenser Kash, LMHCA, NCC, LPCC

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I take naps (preferrably in a sunny spot midday because I’m part feline maybe). At least once per week I schedule myself a nap. I honestly sleep better when I’m not overtired.  I also feel this is a decadent, FREE self-care option so why not?

~ Ashley Robertson

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I leave time to unwind in-between being active and when I go to bed. So if I want 7+ hours of sleep, then I know I need to quit for the day and start unwinding 8+ hours before I plan to wake-up.

~ Kathy Slaughter, LCSW

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Best ways are to be as consistent as possible and give your brain as many cues as you can. Doing things at the same time or the same order helps our brains with recognizing patterns and prepping our system for sleep.

~ K. Hilary Curtis-Long, LCSW

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