What Is Sex And Relationship Coaching? How Can It Help Me?

Sex and Relationship Coaching is change-focused. I support clients in making the changes they seek in their life.When you want to change something about your relationship or your sex life – NOW – hire me.

What kinds of things does sex and relationship coaching include?

Your work with me typically involves:

  1. concerns about sexual desire or mismatched desire with partner(s)
  2. increased intimacy in relationship(s)
  3. issues with sexual response, including orgasm, erection and arousal, and painful sex
  4. communicating about sex including kink, risk reduction, consent and trauma
  5. communicating about relationship expectations including opening relationships, co-parenting, and concerns about trust
  6. exploring sexual attraction and arousal, including erotic and romantic orientation
  7. exploring gender, including expectations, expression, identity, and transitioning
  8. attracting love and building relationship skills

How and why does coaching work?

Over my 30-years of experience promoting sexual health and literacy, I find that gaining accurate scientific information about sexuality and understanding the myths we are taught about sexuality allows people to make great shifts in how they think about and experience things. Few people get access to helpful healthy sexuality education at school, home, or places of worship. You are left to figure things out based on what you learned from cultural stereotypes (limiting and often false), religious messages (often full of shame), Hollywood (full of gender-bias and magic), and porn (unlike most people’s lives).

In coaching, you look at how unhelpful things you learned can create problems you don’t need to have. As personal attitudes and beliefs are explored and supplemented by accurate scientific information, you will identify shifts you want to make in your life. Then I provide support and accountability to assist in achieving your goals.

Odd are, you have what you need to create the changes you want. Because you will do homework to practice some things between sessions, you will get to shifts pretty readily and have fewer sessions than is typical for counseling or therapy.

What is your goal for sex and relationship coaching?

My goal in coaching is for you to have a positive experience with your sexuality. This includes pleasure, gender, orientation, intimacy, expression, body positivity, and healing from past trauma or shame. My passion is juiced by social justice concerns and combating the awful ways sex and sexuality is weaponized in our culture and the world.  Your are a sexual being and enjoying your body and sexual expression is your human right!