Teen with Depression Speaks Openly at TEDx

Kevin Breel, a teen with depression, took a huge risk at a TEDx Youth event. Ever head of TED Talks? What began is a dynamic format for technology and design based presentations has morphed into a veritable treasure trove of great people sharing profound thoughts.

Teen with Depression Says It Like It Is

Kevin’s talk is straightforward, real and uplifting. He calls out the common myths about depression. Like the idea that being sad because of something awful happening is depression. No, he says, depression is being sad when everything is going well. He talks about the stigma around mental health. I especially appreciate his comment that we can handle talking about any other body part breaking down, except the brain.

Counselor Living with Depression

As a counselor who lives with depression, I find Kevin’s perspective inspiring and refreshing. I remember when I was a teen living with depression. I would recognize the pain in others, even though they tried to hide it. I was the classmate who would ask how things were going and if you said something positive that didn’t match what I saw, then I would stop you and ask again. I still do this with my clients every day.

I work, hope, pray and strive for that world Kevin describes. A world where no one thinks about suicide because that seems like the only way out. Depression is well-understood and very treatable. Don’t hesitate to call us today.