Is pleasure at the bottom of your to-do list?

Do you know what really turns you on?

Do you know how to ask for it?

You're life is about to get a whole lot spicier!

This exclusive 4-session master coaching program will take you to the next level of pleasure!

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Saying YES To Pleasure Is About More Than Orgasms

YOU decide what PLEASURE means to YOU

In this intimate Master Coaching program you will find out your version of...

  • Mind Blowing Sex

  • Next Level Intimacy

  • Earth Shattering Orgasms
    (Sometimes it IS the 'O'!)

  • And MORE

What's Going to Be Covered in These Sessions, Anyway? 


new things about what you really want sexually!


why you like what you do (or don't) like! 


your pleasure with a bunch of new ways to broaden the context of what you like!

PRACTICE communicating about pleasure with your partners!

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Hi, I'm Kathleen Baldwin

As a sex educator and relationship coach it is my PASSION to help people have bliss-filled relationships and mind-blowing sex lives!

I’ve been at this for a few decades and it really is a joy to promote sexual wellbeing at all stages of life. I’ve been an educator at Indiana University and in lots of community and religious based settings.

I believe in expansive, non-limiting ways to express sexuality. But I’ve found in my work that most people haven’t had adequate access to information about sexuality. And that leaves people making decisions about their relationships and how they live as a sexual person in the dark and doing it based on what they found online by happenstance or observed in porn.

Having some support, some knowledgeable inspiration, and some specific suggestions make a world of difference in helping you move closer to living your life in a way that fits with your values and moves you toward happiness.

And that’s why I’m so excited to share with you this exclusive master coaching program!

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So, Are You Ready to Say YES to the Best Sex of Your Life? 

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