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It's time to start figuring sh*t out.

Sex | relationships | Anxiety & Depression | transitioning | polyamory

1:1 Psychotherapy or Coaching sessions In-Person or via Telehealth (online sessions) for clients anywhere in Indiana. Our team works with sex, relationships, anxiety and depression, trauma, transitioning, and polyamory.


Our counselors and coaches are Queer, Polyam, and LGBTQ+ advocates who support all expressions of gender identity and all kinds of relationships. Here are answers to frequent questions:

How much is Therapy?

For a session of 50 minutes, the fee can range from $50 to $115. Payment is expected at the time of each session. We currently accept Anthem and Medicare health insurance plans.

Do you do


Yes we do! In some circumstances, we can do e-mail or text communication. Keep in mind that all information shared with us is strictly confidential.

What are first sessions like?

First sessions are about seeing if we're a good fit and how we can best help. You will be asked about what prompted you to make an appointment, go over office policies and procedures, discuss your provider’s approach to therapy, and have a chance to share exactly what your needs and expectations from this experience are. We see therapy and coaching as a collaborative effort between peers. Assessing your situation the best we can will ensure that your provider is the best qualified person to join your healing journey.\

Arriving to an office visit

Our office is on the first floor, on your left if you’re standing in the parking lot. Come directly into our suite from the front stoop. Have a seat and your provider will come out to bring you back at the time of your appointment. There are single person restrooms down the hall off the waiting room. If you happen to still be waiting for ten minutes after your appointment time (a very unusual occurrence) please text your provider and let them know you are there. Sometimes sessions run long, and we don’t have a receptionist!

Do you have


Yes! Coaching sessions meet less frequently, and have an INCREDIBLE amount of homework (totally kidding, but there will be some homework). Coaching provides education and skills training focused around solving an immediate problem in your relationship, sexuality, parenting, divorce, non-monogamy or other areas.

Will you go to court for me?

Yes, but we can't always guarantee it. Charges for additional services, court-related or otherwise, will be billed on a timely basis using our regular service fee as the standard. For example, if a counselor charges $115 for one session and a court appearance takes four hours, it would cost $460 (4 x $115).

After we schedule:

Once we confirm your appointment, you will receive an email from Therapy Notes, our cloud-based health record service, with a link to the portal and a temporary password. By clicking on the link and entering your password, you will be taken to your case file within the system. Please complete your initial paperwork BEFORE our first session. The password will expire after a few days, so do this as promptly as you can.

Starting via telehealth

If you are doing a session via Google Meet, please make sure you are in a secure and private location. Make sure your audio and video are working. You will receive an email with a link to a private telehealth video call, which will be sent to the email address that you provided. Sometimes sessions run long, so if you do not hear from us after five to ten minutes, please feel free to text or email.

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