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Our Values and Purpose:

Soaring Heart Center is a values-based & impact-driven organization that asserts these values (in no particular order):


Equity - each person receives what they individually deserve and require, which may not be “equal”, in order to participate in our community, also meeting individual needs requires leaving room for dissent


Dignity - the complete inviolate nature for each of us to be recognized in our full humanity, that we are full and complete people with the same inalienable rights to agency, belonging, and ethical treatment, regardless of age, race, class, orientation, gender identity, etc. 


Justice - The intentional awareness of power dynamics in order to prevent the powerless from carrying the costs inflicted by the powerful, whether that’s at the personal level or the systemic level.

Compassion - the capacity to bear witness to another’s pain, while feeling warmth and a desire to protect, soothe or empower them

Empathy - the capacity to feel with another, put ourselves in their position, and take their perspective.

Acceptance - the capacity to respond holistically to the dignity of another person through curiosity, non-judgment, and inclusivity through releasing attachment to outcomes, remaining in the present moment, and the practice of consent


Embodiment - recognizes that the work of therapy incorporates the body-mind, that clients deserve to feel relief in their bodies, that trauma and oppression disconnects us from our body and part of healing is reclaiming the positive connection to the physical self in order to transcend the harm inflicted through abuse and/or oppression.

Creativity - drive to solve problems, create experiences, or communicate something new in the world, the impulse to aliveness and the erotic, the free expression of one’s unique facets of humanity.

Integrity - behaving in a manner that engenders trust and safety, intentional use of self in service, mindful of harm, impact and power dynamics, and clearly communicating our limits of understanding and expertise.


Through reflecting on our values, we came to understand our purpose:

Love - the free and ethical expression of love, to ourselves and to others, may be the ultimate aim of our work. We affirm love includes being present, vulnerable and expressing care to those around us, in multitudes of valid and affirming experiences. Furthermore, we acknowledge that trauma and other aspects of emotional well-being interfere with this innate capacity. In service to this ideal, we create spaces, experiences and trainings that enable all of us to heal.

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