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Kathy Slaughter, LCSW

Pronouns: They/Them

I love being a resource for people seeking to get more out of life, more out of sex, and more out of their relationships. As an individual and relationship therapist, my work focuses on identifying the ways your life and your relationships aren’t working for you, as well as finding new ways to think, feel and act that are in alignment with the core of who you want to be. In this way I help thoughtful, self-aware people struggling with connecting to others learn they have the right to pleasure, agency, and love, so they can enjoy sincere and fulfilling relationships with themselves and others.

My professional expertise includes human sexuality, gender identity transitions, committed relationships of any kind, marriage counseling, EMDR, and trauma. 

With a Master’s in Social Work from the University of Michigan, including a certificate in Women’s Studies, and a BA in Philosophy, my passion for personal growth and self-development is matched only by my interest in teaching others through one-to-one interactions and the classroom. I thrive on intimate conversations that lead others to new realizations about their own lives.

Grounded in Social Work values and paradigms, I’ve spent 15 years working on healing trauma and uncovering pleasure, agency, and safety in the consulting room. Currently, I lead the team here at Soaring Heart, and I offer clinical supervision to my peers.

In pursuit of liberation, I enjoy practicing yoga and meditation, dancing, hiking, and planning outdoor adventures with friends at regional Burning Man festivals.

Due to my many creative projects, my 1:1 therapy caseload is full for now. I’d love to hear from you if you’re seeking clinical supervision or speaking opportunities.


Get in Touch

819 E 64th St #140

Indianapolis, IN 46220

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