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Kathleen Baldwin, MSW, CSE, CLC, CYCP

Pronouns: She/Her

Hi, I’m an educator. Sex and relationship coach, author, activist and artist. My passion for my life’s work is promoting sexual rights. I believe people are sexual beings during their whole lifetime, and that there are healthy ways to express and experience sexuality at all of life’s stages. I commit to being diligent to confront discrimination and violence related to sexuality in all forms. As a coach it is my mission to help people have sex they truly enjoy and relationships that enrich them.

I am a certified Sex and Relationship Coach with 15-years’ experience working with individuals to support their sexual and relationship goals. In addition to coaching programs, I facilitate Master Coaching Groups that aim to address specific issues for high functioning clients. I am a nationally recognized sexual rights activist and leader in sexual health. I’ve taught an undergraduate Human Sexuality course for Indiana University at IUPUI for over 20-years, and I’ve been certified as a Sexuality Educator for 27 years. 

Replacing unhelpful, untrue information many of us learn about sexuality can be life changing, I’ve seen it first-hand many many times. Most people don’t get the benefit of honest accurate sexuality education that provides healthy and helpful information, and that is a barrier to a healthy happy life! I use a collaborative, assets-based approach to supporting you as you use action-oriented strategies to make shifts where things aren’t working. 

My book Sex Education for Teens and Young Adults:A Guide to Sexual Health and Relationships (April 2022, Rockridge Press), is a sex+ resource that has honest information to build an informed foundation for happiness in life and relationships


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819 E 64th St #140

Indianapolis, IN 46220

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