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Ashley Robertson

Pronouns: She/Her

My coaching philosophies closely resemble that of a monster cookie. Never had a monster cookie? Well… there's a little bit of everything in there blended together for a bite of perfection! Chocolate chips? Yep. M&Ms? Opa! Oatmeal and peanut butter? You bet. Can you believe some recipes even include salty potato chips? Similarly, I borrow the best of Montessori practices, Reggio-learning through invitation, traditional behavior modification strategies, and a healthy dose of radical, consent-based practices to guide my clients. 

With three degrees in education and 15 years as an educator, I understand the ins and outs of scaffolding and how we learn through inquiry. Best of all, I prioritize the foundation: a respectful acknowledgement of diverse, valid human experience. 

My job is to ask great questions and gently challenge ingrained patterns of thinking, all based on the areas where you want to grow. As a peer coach, I want your self-care investment to be magnified by our time together. Do you want to meet at a park for some fresh air, a coffee shop, maybe take a walk together? I can be a neutral third party you can trust, privy to my own life experience and best teaching practices.
My top three specialties are peer coaching for: sex-positive parenting, navigating divorce, and ethical non-monogamy. I'm happy to do 90-minute sessions. 
My goal is to work with anyone who wishes to authentically tackle self-work. Let's take a bite of that monster cookie together!



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819 E 64th St #140

Indianapolis, IN 46220

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